A Born Sweet Shoot 

- Sweet Bamboo (Dendrocalamus hamiltonii Nees et Arn.ex. Munro)

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Sweet Bamboo

Generally speaking, common people believe that all the bamboo shoots are born bitter; but actually, this is not true for all bamboo shoots. Xishuangbanna has a kind of bamboo shoots, it is not bitter, in the contrary, it is brisk and sweet;  people can steam it, fry it, or can even eat it directly; if they braise it with chickens, it will be more tasty. This kind bamboo is the sweet bamboo, and the local people often call it “sweet shoot”.

Sweet bamboo scatters in India, Nepal, Sikkim, Burma and the Laos. People can see them beside the villages in Xishuangbanna and it is the most commonly used bamboo shoots there. Besides, the sweet bamboo can also be used in buildings, weaving and making of paper.