Apollo (Parnassius Apollo)

  People like Parnassius apollo for its elegance. The wings of this kind of butterfly are white or light yellow, which are half transparent. There are some black spots with its fore wings and 2 large and bright red spots with its hind wings. The center of the red spots is white, which has black edges. The black edges add the elegance of Parnassiu apollo.

  Genus Parnassius all live in high mountain areas and have good cold-resistant ability. Some of them can fly above the snow line. During flying, they fly slowly along the ground surface as if they are appreciating the snow; thus, it's quite easy to catch them. Parnassius apollo is one of the most treasured specie among the more than 30 species of genus Parnassius butterflies in China. The wingspan of this kind of butterfly is 50-80 mm. Parnassius apollo only distributes in Xinjiang and is listed as a class II key state protection animal in China.