Black-collared Starling
Sturnus nigricollis

  Habitat: scarce woods, villages, fields and grassland.
  Feeding habits: peck foods on the ground with its bill.
  Food: insects, earthworms, ferry and seeds of vegetation.
菜糟蕋抵  Size: with a full body length of 28 cm; weight: 160 g.
  Habits: resident bird. Black-collared starlings act in small groups in woods, grassland and fields. They feed on earthworms, fly eggs, beetles and ferry. They produce their young from April to June each year and they build their nests on top of trees. The male bird cries merrily and loudly during the mating period. Because they are good at singing, some people raise them as fancy birds. 
  Category: Ave, Passeriformes, Sturnidae
  Distribution: South Yunnan and tropical areas in South China.