Black Snub-nosed Macaque
Rhinopithecus bieti

  Habitat: needle-leaved forests in high mountain.

  Feeding habits: pick up their food from trees with their hands.

  Food: sunglo, tree leaves and bamboo shoots. 

  Size: with a body length of 74-82 cm and a tail length 51-72 cm. Weight: 17-35 kg.

  Habits: It's endemic specie of China. It's the primate that lives in the highest elevation of the world. The range of their action takes place in high mountains of 2500 m to 5000 m above sea level. They usually act in spruce and fir forests in-between el. 3500-4500 m. A black snub-nosed macaque group usually consists 1 male adult, 2-3 female adults and some young macaques and their whole family act together. The range of their activity can be as vast as tens of square kilometers. After a French man collected a sample in 1890, no news about them were heard for almost 100 years. In 1979, Kunming Institute of Zoology collected three samples in the snowy forests of Deqin. Thereafter, a series of research work was carried out on them and we get to know more about them by now. 

  Category: mammalia, primates Cerocopithecidae 

  Distribution: Yunling Mountain in the Northwest of Yunnan. Yunling Mountain in the Southeast of Tibet.

  Level of protection: class I key state protection animal of China.